Tater Games aims to entertain millions of people for years all around the globe. We believe the best people make the best games, and that’s who we’re looking for. If you love games and are passionate about playing and crafting them, and you’re looking for a job that provides ownership and independence, you’re in the right place.

Game Backend Programmer

At Tater Games, backend programmers are networking masters and we’re looking for the best of the best.

Unity Programmer

Beyond coding, you will wear your designer hat and make calls on what does and doesn’t go into our games.

Game Economy Designer

Our Game Economist should be a number wizard able to conjure and manipulate economic systems.

Senior 3D Artist

Got 3D skills? High Poly to Low Poly skills, UV and Texture skills, Rigging skills, Nunchuku skills?

Dream Job

Don’t see your dream job listed? You can always send us your CV or portfolio. Who knows, right?

Mash it. Fry it. Play it.