Nunu Spirits is a mobile adventure game where you rescue spirits and escort them home to help your village grow resources and craft items. As you progress you will unlock and upgrade hero abilities to build things like walls to keep spirits from running into traps or launchers to toss them over pits. The more seedlings you save the stronger your forest becomes. Can you save the forest lands?


  • COLLECT: Spirit Heroes with many legendary abilities help you save the Seedling Spirits.
  • SEARCH & RESCUE: Lost Seedlings need your help. The more you save the more they reward you.
  • GROW: Harvest over 15 different magical resources including Rainberries, Dawn seeds, Ice Fruits and more!
  • GET STRONGER: Strengthen your home and your heroes to become the best Forest Defender.
  • RESTORE: Bring life and joy back to the Forest Lands.
  • DISCOVER: New and exotic lands need your aid.