Tater Games began as a simple discussion between two game developers. “There is so much creativity and talent in this industry but all too often the creative spark gets trampled by the demands of production,” one said. Talk of famous studios, renowned for incorporating creativity, inspired the pair to build a new kind of game studio, a place where creativity and innovation would be paramount. “If we could free our creatives from unnecessary constraint,” said the other, “the games they make would surely be better.” Keeping teams as small and as connected as possible and inverting or flattening hierarchy would allow creativity and innovation to flourish in the very heart of Tater Games. Something was still missing, something often lacking in the industry. Ownership. Passionate creators often feel a personal connection to their creation. You sweat and toil and sometimes even bleed for your creation. “No disconnected board of directors or investors calling shots; our creatives should have that voice,” said the pair. With open access to analytics and data, game creators could be involved in making important calls for their games. Also, rewarding creators with revenue shares would drive them to make more financially sound decisions. With creativity, innovation and the concept of collective ownership written in our DNA, Tater Games is now more than just a concept. We have fifteen creators working out of our new office in Bratislava, Slovakia. The production of our first title is well underway, with the launch scheduled in the fall of 2019.


Derived from the self-effacing potato often found in memes, especially in creative communities (see also derpy potato and ugly potato). The Tater reminds us to continuously improve while remaining happy and humble. We aspire to become the most creative and inspiring game studio we can be. All of us work together to create a space of infinite possibility. By supporting and encouraging innovation and exploration we are able to make more meaningful games. We are taters. Every single one of us, from the freshest of interns to our game industry veterans. Our culture is one of openness and mutual support. We all have great ideas and passion. We all shape the future of Tater Games. We are gamers, creatives, dreamers and skilled artisans ever dedicated to honing our craft.


Marián Kuruc
For Tater Games, Majo is the covalent bond between reality and imagination. He understands the needs of creators because he is one. He has the power to temper this questing spark with deep knowledge of the industry. He works with everyone on our team to turn our collective vision into a product. This talent makes him ideally suited to his primary role as Games Director for the studio. When he’s not researching market trends or evaluating new concepts he gets his kicks on a board.
Gabriel Brockman
The consummate dreamer, his vast and varied experiences come in handy acting as the Creative and Executive Director for Tater Games. He does whatever needs to be done but has a special place in his heart for visual concepts, prototyping and creative design. Gabriel dedicates specific effort to ensuring that communication remains open and effective and the culture of Tater Games can thrive. When he is not sketching new ideas, he spends his free time making all kinds of things and training with the longsword.
Matej Boďa
No stranger to startups and ventures, Matej has co-founded a number of companies including Filmzie: a film streaming and social platform that leverages blockchain for transactions. Matej merges his entrepreneurial spirit with a lifelong love of gaming. From demanding games like Dota 2 to serene titles like Monument Valley, Matej plays pretty much everything. He helps Tater Games navigate the business side of things. This ex-concert violinist spends a lot of time chasing adrenaline on slopes and rivers.
Milan Gajdoš
Before joining the startup and tech innovation world, Milan spent 13 years specialising in global corporate strategy, corporate governance and operational excellence. Milan has been an avid gamer since childhood and is proud to be among the first to play Dota in the Slovak community. At Tater Games he plays an important part in operational, legal and financial agendas. In addition to mobile gaming, he is a fan of strategy and RPG titles. Outside of gaming, Milan likes traveling so much he even has a licence to fly sport planes.